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Footwear Advice

Footwear advice to help keep you active & prevent injury at work, during sport & throughout the day! 

Before investing in a pair of shoes that aren’t the most appropriate for your foot type or function, we recommended seeking advice from a podiatrist. In the clinic, your Podiatrist can assess your dynamic foot function using plantar pressure assessment & video gait analysis. This information provides us with measurements and a specific assessment of your biomechanics. Allowing us to accurately recommend the best shoe for you!

Footwear Assessment - Viewbank Podiatry
Footwear Advice

Shoes for every occasion

  • Work Shoes for nurses, tradespeople, retail, professionals, teachers

  • School Shoes for all ages

  • Running Shoes for all distances and surfaces – trail, tri’s, marathons

  • Sports Shoes for golf, football, netball, soccer, basketball and more…

  • Walking Shoes. Daily walking, travel, dog walking etc.

  • Home and holiday, slippers, thongs etc.

Running Shoes

Finding the right running shoes for your foot type and activity levels can be a very daunting task with the thousands of shoes on the market. As podiatrists, we see a range of different foot conditions daily and have the expertise in fitting the most appropriate shoe for your feet.

Let’s looks specifically at runners, as these are the most common but also the most complex shoes out there.

To explain it as basically as possible, runners come in neutral, moderate control and maximum control. Within each of these styles there are then a minefield of different features and ways of achieving the correction!

There are three main factors to consider when choosing the correct shoe;

  • What type of foot do you have?
    Flat (Pes Planus), Neutral or High Arch (Pes Cavus)

  • What Activities are you participating in?
    Court sports, Running, Walking, Bush walking etc.

  • How active are you and how much activity do you plan on doing in these shoes?
    Do you run 10 kilometres 5 times a week or are you more just a casual weekend walker?


These are the things to consider when choosing the most appropriate shoe and we would be happy to guide you. 


Retail Footwear and Archies Thongs

At Viewbank Podiatry we have a range of Revere sandals, Dr Comfort shoes as well as Secra sandals and a comprehensive selection of Archies Thongs in all colours and sizes. 

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