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Moon Boots, CAM Walkers, and Braces

Manage and rehabilitate your injury with CAM Walkers & Moon Boots.

A CAM walker or ‘moon boot’ is prescribed by podiatrists to offload and immobilise joints in the management of lower limb conditions (such as fractures). 

It is an effective treatment modality used by our podiatry team to fix your foot and ankle in one place and reduce the amount of pressure going through the foot and ankle. These devices are used where specific injuries require minimal weightbearing. This allows the injury to rest and heal.

Unlike crutches, Cam Boots allow clients to move with greater freedom, helping them to go about their day-to-day lives even as they recover. They are more comfortable than a plaster cast, are adjustable and can be removed for showering.

Moon Boots and Camwalkers - Viewbank Podiatry
XRay study - Viewbank Podiatry

Your fitting appointment includes advice while wearing the boot and a clear management plan for return to exercise and activity. A CAM boot can be used to help with a variety of bone, ligament, and soft tissue injuries.

Private health insurers generally provide rebates on CAM Walkers and Moon Boots when fitted by our Podiatrists.

Cam Boots are often prescribed for:

  • Non-Displaced Fractures

  • Stress Fractures

  • Stress Reactions

  • Severe Ankle Sprains

  • Post-Surgical Offloading

  • Tendon Ruptures

  • Ligament tears / strains

  • Heel pain

  • Diabetic Wounds

Ankle Braces

At Viewbank Podiatry we also stock a range of Ankle braces which are effective in providing additional stability for ankles that are prone to ‘rolling.’ If you experience weak or unstable ankles, make an appointment to have your feet assessed by one of our experienced podiatrists. 

Ankle Brace - Viewbank Podiatry
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