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Medical Pedicure (Medi-Pedi) 

As Podiatrists, we are experts of the feet and can offer you a safe foot and nail treatment that will get your skin and nails looking better than ever before. Podiatrists are medical professionals who follow strict guidelines for infection control for your safety.

Enjoy having your feet looking healthier and happier, without the fear of catching a nasty fungal infection from a nail salon. 

A Medical Pedicure or ‘Medi Pedi’ is a medical grade pedicure. 

Medical Pedicure - Viewbank Podiatry
Medical Pedicure - Viewbank Podiatry


Treatment is carried out by one of our experienced Podiatrists, a medical health professional. Not just a nail technician. We are the foot experts!


As medical professionals, we’re able to identify, diagnose and treat any foot problems that you may have during your consultation.


  • Podiatrists are qualified and professionally skilled in the use of medical scalpel blades to fully remove callus and corns. This allows us to go deeper than the superficial level of the skin to ensure you feel much lighter on your feet. 

  • Our instruments are commercially sterilised after every use. We only use Medical Grade equipment which is safer for you. Foot hygiene is our priority.

  • You can claim the cost of your appointment if you have private health insurance. This means you only pay the gap!

Book online today for a Medi-Pedi!

We will go out of our way to make your visit relaxing and leave you feeling like you are 'walking on a cloud!' 

Click on this Link to make an online booking for a Medical Pedicure

Foot Treatment - Viewbank Podiatry
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