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Orthotic Therapy

Custom Orthotics increase foot efficiency & alleviate pain and discomfort.

At Viewbank Podiatry, our custom orthotics are designed in a range of shapes, sizes and features, to give you the best support and comfort. This helps us to achieve the best results! 

Our orthotics, or arch supports are used widely in the treatment of so many foot and leg pathologies. 

Our custom orthotics are aimed at improving the way you walk, run, and enjoy everyday activities, such as golf, tennis and everything you love to do. Foot orthotics improve your efficiency of movement, reducing excessive load on joints and easing muscle overuse. 

Our Podiatrists will perform a thorough biomechanical foot and leg assessment, often using video gait analysis and plantar pressure mapping. 

A 3D scan is then taken of your feet, which is sent along with a prescription, to have your custom orthoses manufactured. These orthotics are designed to be both functional and comfortable. We pride ourselves on delivering highly accurate, effective foot orthotics.

Foot Orthotics - Viewbank Podiatry
Orthotics - Viewbank Podiatry

We also carry a wide range of Prefabricated Foot Orthotics and insoles. In some cases, these devices are highly effective and can produce exceptional results. We will discuss with you the various options available and recommend the most suitable orthotic style for your feet. 


Custom Orthotics can be helpful in treating a wide range of lower limb and foot problems such as :

  • Shin Splints

  • Heel Pain

  • Achilles Tendinopathy

  • Plantar Fasciitis

  • Ankle Instability

  • Children & Adolescent Podiatry

  • Forefoot Pain

  • Tired and Aching Legs /Feet 

  • Hip, Knee and Back Pain

  • Painful corns and Calluses

Children’s Orthotics

Children’s Orthotics are also available and can be of great benefit to children’s feet and development. They work by restoring the foots natural arch and improving foot function. This improves alignment, stability and function of the lower leg. Orthotics prescribed at Viewbank Podiatry can help paediatric conditions such as growing pains, Sever’s disease, flat feet and more.

When children are young they are still developing muscles and core strength. If a child’s muscles aren’t strong enough they will fatigue more easily. This is often the case with children who complain of tired legs and growing pains as their muscles simply can’t cope with the increased load from walking or activity.

Orthotic Fitting - Viewbank Podiatry
Children's Orthotics - Viewbank Podiatry

Children’s Orthotics can help take strain off important lower leg muscles and joints. This can reduce muscle fatigue and improve joint alignment, allowing your child to perform at their absolute best.

At Viewbank Podiatry we have a range of orthotics suitable for all shapes and sizes of growing feet. We are mindful of the cost involved, so our custom orthoses are discounted for children. Where possible, a semi-custom orthotic can be an effective treatment, considering most children’s orthotics will require updating annually.

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